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Wild Turkey Dive Crew


One of life’s best adventures happened more than 20 years ago and remains a passion still.


I started as an underwater photographer armed with a Nikonos V and rolls of chrome, but when digital and improved housing technology became readily available, I moved into videography. The marine environment, with its color, motion and action couldn’t be expressed in stills as much as the moving image could. The main challenges were now multiplied – shot motion and duration, pre-visualization, narrative, topside editing etc, not to mention all this time being in an underwater situation with constantly changing variables. Still fun though.

Maldives, Alimatha house reef, 2014
Tulamben, Bali, 2016
Maldives Deep South, Infinity X, 2020
Maratua, Big Fish Country, 2019
Maldives, Ark Noble, 2018
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