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The Infratectural Condition


This research documents a planned infrastructural urbanism and how that contributes to an invisible industrial ecology where the scale and complexity of urban structures have given rise to new industrial and urban forms. Some of these urban constructs could very well have outstripped our will to control them or at the very least force us into a constant state of vigilance in order to control them. In this sense, such architecture and urban structures have more than evolved into their own organic ecology and we coexist in a confident, but tenuous relationship that we hold with technology, that our technological systems will always contain technology’s own entropic logic, beauty and self-awareness.  


The fundamental premises are: that there exists new industrial and urban form arising from the advancement in development of infrastructure.


This urbanism is seldom seen. It is an invisible geography, hidden away from the public of which few would give notice, yet fundamentally, it affects and permeates every aspect of urban life.


The scale and complexity of these structures gives rise to a new urban logic, almost an infratecture, where we have surrendered to its growth, and recognize that it’s a tenuous relationship we hold with its development.

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