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Another Modern School


The Modern building has the dubious privilege of being devoid of the vernacular. In this case, educational space existed as a Durand-esque system of preset graphic standards the architect should follow. The building became a vehible to explore the codified prescription as a design generator.  Such are formulaic determinants that serve to produce standardized building blocks. 


Politically, schools are not allowed to differ radically in their provisions and remain heavily guarded at its programmatic level.  These issues are deemed non-negotiable, as the self-perpetuation of a formulaic model is preferred. 


This extension attempts to further the logic of the palimpsest - by reducing its expression to a direct functional relationship to its exterior, it attempts to build a literal interpretation of the given design guidelines to reveal its dogmatic design impetus.  Its interpretation resisted the adaptive endeavor to vernacularize it - the building remains embarrassingly simple.  The extension's rear façade is perhaps more telling of its modern treatment than the front, here there is an idealized application of function to expression for 18 identical rectangular cells delineating 18 classrooms, each with prefabricated concrete blocks outlined by a white frame.  The frames serve to delineate the limits of each unit, exposing the program that is derived directly from the Design Handbook that maintains strict adherence to dogma. 

The project was done while employed as an architectural designer with RDC Architects Pte Ltd

Main role:  concept & schematic design, design development, tender process, construction and project management. 

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