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Curating Whampoa - Tangible Stories


Curating Whampoa is a 2-year long research initiative of the Tsao Foundation encompassing several projects that explore the relationship between the elderly residents of the district of Whampoa and their environments.


Tangible Stories is one of such projects that explore the relationship between objects and memory. The residents are encouraged to share their personal stories of these objects, and in so doing, begin to reveal a hidden dimension to these objects and their bearing on cultural history and knowledge. Through their stories, a new found understanding of a forgotten past is thus recollected, and the aim of the project is to document the intimacy of these relationships in photographs and audio recordings.

Curating Whampoa was made possible through a Heritage Project Grant of $134,000 from the National Heritage Board to the Tsao Foundation.


Tangible Stories is a collaborative effort between Thomas Kong (PI and project lead), Jacelyn Kee (Co-PI), Lee Sze-Chin (Co-PI) and Peter Chen (Photographer/Co-PI).

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