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The Grass Really Was Greener


This project captures a series of transformations on the now demolished National Stadium at Kallang.


Inaugurated in 1973, it’s hosted all major sporting events in Singapore, and was the birthplace of the Kallang Roar and witness to the heady days of the Malaysia Cup in the 1970s, facilitating the forging of a national spirit in sports. The building was closed in 2007 to make way for a 'new & improved' vision of a stadium that is to be the present Sports Hub, but plans hung in limbo till it's demolition in September 2010. This building represents yet another post-independence civic building that had shaped an emerging generation brought up on a national identity that is now once again dissolving and evolving.


The series tributes and contrasts before and after images of the dignity of the stately building in 2008-2009 and the violence of its demolition in 2010.

Prints are available in a Limited Edition collection.

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