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Studies in Slow Space


Studies in Slow Space is a series of photographic images that serve to explore the ideas of the elevation and perspective as a photographic technique to render discontinuous spaces as seamless or contiguous. The photographic image has an inherent limitation – that of the frame. Of course with the frame, there is composition and cropping, reflected in intention, to provide us with an actual viewpoint which structures and directs our vision.


The idea of the frame has literally undergone an expansion in recent years with stitching technology advancing how photos are able to merge into a fluid and oscillating image, no longer static or fixed. Mapping technology is fast rendering spaces into one continuous and connected flow that the map will soon approach the territory. Studies in Slow Space attempts to take a pause and revisit this technique to instead separate, suggest and infer if the imaginary spaces in between the lines.  


The term ‘Slow Space’ is a reference to the book ‘Slow Space’, a collection of works and essays from the Rice School of Architecture

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