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CDL Singapore Sculpture Award


The Reed Sculpture is the winning entry to the 1st City Developments Limited Singapore Sculpture Award Competition launched in 2004. The selected design was commissioned and launched in 2007 at the current site at Pier at Roberson Quay condominium. 

The theme of wind and water was issued for the competition brief. The design metaphor of river reeds produced a form consisting of 8 pipe sections to articulate the idea of an environmental response towards falling rain. The sculpture is to be contemporary and modern in expression and appropriate to the development and site specific.


It was commissioned in 2005 and completed in 2006 and is the first sculpture to be implemented under the Public Sculpture Scheme by NHB.


Medium: Silicon Bronze, steel

Dimensions: Approx 6m height x 2m diameter

The CDL Singapore Sculpture Award is an ongoing arts outreach initiative by City Developments Limited and remains as Singapore's most visible and prestigious national sculpture competitions.

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