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LTA Bus Shelter Competition


This project was a design competition initiated by the Land Transport Authority for the upgrading of all bus shelters in Singapore. The winning design would be implemented across the island in various construction phases, replacing the existing 3000+ bus stops. The main ideas focused on the following: modularity, structural clarity, lightness, commuter facilities, improved aesthetics, self-sustaining.


Key ideas include:

Transportable Architecture, Fast Fashion, Moving Street, Modular Unique, Commuter Construction, Mobile Shelter, Temporary Change, Mediated Permanence, Auto Space, Expanding Collective, Tropical Zone, Habitative Field, Ad Sign, Public Stoppages



Design Consultant to Ong & Ong Architects.

Lead designer - Antonio Eraso, Ong & Ong Architects

Status: Competition and tender winners – design adopted as main bus shelter replacement design for LTA in 2001.

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