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Streets of Hope


Streets of Hope’ was a special initiative by NAC during the months of circuit breaker (April - June 2020) to commission a collection of local artists to contribute artworks that will line the streets in the Civic District in the form of street banners. This resulted in several hundred pieces of artworks on display for the months of June - August 2020, bringing vibrance, diversity and hope during a particularly trying time. 

Gillman Barracks - Online Gallery





"I Miss Me"


This is a rabbit-hole visited during the time of Corona. The period was (is) one that accounted for a slow, pensive repetition with the opportunity to consider and pursue details in the mundane. In this case, I was fortunate enough to have the time to verify an Easter egg and in doing so was rewarded with a momentary delight in wistful nostalgia; taken away from the moment and its concerns, back to a fuzzy day in 93’ when angsty youth made it seem like there was always going to be a better time and place elsewhere. The rosy retrospection conflates into a dream of a brighter day. The image itself does not hold any inkling of reverie: a banal printed circuit board inscribed with an aphorism most of us may have impulsively uttered in recent days, nevertheless hold the welcome prospect of whatever lies ahead.

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