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Recalling Amnesia

Recalling Amnesia is an umbrella framework for photographic research on the urbanscape. The central theme involves the interpretation of the modern urban landscape as it pertains to our planning, understanding and experience of placed related to our heritage. The objective is to use photography to reveal the fissures between the schema of the planned city and it’s constructed double through ideas of monumentality, memory and landmarks.  


This project represents work done within the last decade through both grant awards as well as in exploratory work. There are 20+ collections of images resulting in over 1000 images, all of which examine a significant aspect of the urban environment.


The images on the following pages are examples from the following collections:


The Middle Landscape revisited (2008), Crashed (2008), The Grass Really Was Greener (2010), Village (2010), Caught the Westbound (2011), Airport (2011), Queenstown (2011),  Encampment (2012), Apartment (2015-19),  Horror Vacui (2012), Immortal Splendor (2016), Warehouse (2003-16), River Road (2016), OCH (2019)

Prints are available in a Limited Edition collection. You can download the digital catalog here.

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